Will you Listen for Owen?

Even before Owen was born, his parents Heather and Dale knew he had a heart defect and his birth would be high-risk. Immediately after birth, Owen was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which means the left side of his heart had not fully developed, and he was sent for surgery.

The cardiology team at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre has been following Owen since he was an infant, assessing his heart’s condition and function.

Now 16 years old, Owen is very much an active teenager. His parents have always encouraged him to be active, but worry about how it will affect his heart. In the CP Healthy Hearts Lab at Children’s Hospital, doctors perform stress tests to see how much his heart is capable of.

“The stress tests provide peace of mind. We don’t have to worry about what activities he can do. We are so thankful that the cardiac clinic and the CP Healthy Hearts Lab are located in London and at the same facility. It was a great investment to the health of our community,” shares Dale.

Listen to Owen’s story live at Corus Radiothon on February 8

to learn how Children’s Hospital makes sure Owen’s heart can keep up as he continues to play sports.


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