Will You Tune In For Rachael?

Rachael was born a happy baby. Unfortunately, soon after delivery her parents were told their little girl had some serious heart complications. Cardiologists discovered she had pulmonary heart dysfunction among other defects. Rachael was airlifted to Toronto while her mom lay in recovery at the hospital.

Tiny Rachael endured heart surgery and spent weeks in critical care. When the family returned home to London, Children’s Hospital was there for them following up the next day to ensure Rachael got the care she needed.

At Children’s Hospital, Rachael frequently visits the cardiology department. Thanks to the CP Healthy Hearts Lab, doctors can perform stress tests to see how she can tolerate exercise. Rachael was fortunate to have access and use this lab soon after it was created. As a young, active girl, Rachael knows how to exercise safely to avoid damage to her heart.

“Being able to have a stress test for children and not have to go out of town or to an adult lab makes life easier for Rachael and the whole family,” shares Rachael’s mom, Lisa.

Listen to Rachael’s story live at Corus Radiothon on February 8 to learn how Children’s Hospital helped Rachael navigate the tough road of living with a congenital heart defect.



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