Charlotte and her family

Without You, Charlotte May Not Be Here Today

On World Prematurity Day, Charlotte’s mother shares her thanks!

I never imagined I could actually be in labour.

I was only 23 weeks pregnant. I’d just barely startedCharlotte Thiessen crawling by Christmas tree after being born prematurely to show. The pregnancy was moving along perfectly with no complications. Or so it seemed.

And then, the contractions started.

When they didn’t stop, but actually started to get stronger and stronger, our midwife said we should get checked out at Children’s Hospital in London. Within 45 minutes of arriving, our baby girl was delivered by emergency C-section.

She weighed a terrifying one pound and five ounces.

But I need to thank you.

I know that my sweet girl is only alive today because our community gives to Children’s Hospital.

Donations ensure they have the very best paediatric equipment, the very best paediatric staff, and they were able to save my tiny, helpless baby.

Charlotte is the very best Christmas gift I could have received.

I hope, once you read my story, you might be inspired to send an extra-special gift today so another parent can receive the same gift I did: a healthy child.

Your support will help purchase life-saving and state-of-the-art equipment at Children’s Hospital like the Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) machine.

Because of you, Charlotte is happy and healthy. Against all odds, she’s developing normally, just as if she’d been born at full term. She’s full of energy and has such a fun and goofy personality in spite of all she’s been through in her short life.

Thank you again for giving us our amazing gift of a happy and healthy baby girl. Your donations already do so much to help parents like me and children just like Charlotte.

Yours with thanks from the very bottom of my heart,

Allison Thiessen
Mom to Charlotte


Will you make your seasonal gift to Children’s Health Foundation now so that every child across Western Ontario can receive the best possible care? Click here to make a donation to support other children like Charlotte in the NICU 

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