You Helped Callen Smile on the Hardest Days

Their world crumbled in a matter of hours.

It was the middle of October 2018 when Callen developed a fever. He was prescribed antibiotics for what appeared to be a routine ear infection. But, Callen still seemed “off” the next day. This bright, cheerful and curious boy was strangely lethargic.

Worried that they were facing something more serious, his parents took him to the ER. Doctors admitted him with meningitis – inflammation around the brain. No parent ever wants to hear that kind of news. But, they had a plan. The doctors told them Callen would be home within a couple of weeks.

Then one day Callen asked for his mother’s help to visit the washroom. As she picked up her son, his body hung limp from her arms.

Callen couldn’t stand. He couldn’t sit. He couldn’t hold up his own head.  He was paralyzed.

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