Volunteer Opportunities with Children's Health Foundation

Dr. Beary Goode

Dr. Beary Goode – As the Chief of Hugs and High Fives, Dr. Beary Goode brings a smile to faces young and old. Along with his important job comes a busy schedule, working weekdays, evenings and even weekends. When he isn’t visiting children in the hospital, he is attending special fundraising events in the community. He is also quite famous - almost everywhere he goes he is stopped for a photo or a hug! See behind the scenes of a Dr. Beary Goode visit.

Event Volunteers - Some of the most magical moments happen at events! Each event has different volunteer needs: greeting guests, running registration, managing silent auction tables or selling 50/50 and raffle tickets. With most events taking place in the evening, it is a perfect fit if you work during the day!

Regional Respresentatives - You don’t have to live in London to make a difference. With organizations all across Southwestern Ontario raising funds for Children’s, we can’t possibly visit them all. Regional representatives go out in the communities that support us to deliver messages of thanks, check-in on campaign progress and keep the energy up!

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Please note that we are grateful for all our applicants; however, Children’s Health Foundation volunteers must be 16 years of age or older.