Don’t Fear the Sweeper

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How long can you stay in front of the Sweeper? This July, you can find out.

You can choose how many days of a head start you need before Terri Biloski will try to track you down. Do you dare to go head to head with Terri? Maybe you only need a one day head start? Perhaps three? Maybe five? An entire week? Ten days? Will it be enough?

Terri was a member of Canada’s national backyard ultra team in 2020, and she will be returning to Big’s Backyard this fall to compete in the individual World Championships. Terri was the first runner to complete the original Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee, crossing the finish line before any of the other 19 000+ participants.

Can you stay ahead of Terri for the entire month of July? If you fall behind, you are eliminated!

Other than the small applicable Race Roster fees, 100% of your registration fee will be donated to charity. 50% will be going to the Huntington Society of Canada in support of those facing Huntington Disease, and 50% will be going to the Children’s Health Foundation, in support of LHSC Children’s Hospital.

This is a virtual event, open to runners across Canada and around the world!

Brought to you by Persistence Racing and London Ontario Running Challenges.


The Rules:

1) All runners may begin logging kilometres on July 1st. Final kilometres must be logged by 11:59 p.m on July 31st (if anyone is still ahead of Terri by then!).

2) You may log kilometres multiple times per day.

3) In order to remain in the event, you must be ahead of Terri at the end of each calendar day (using Eastern Standard Time).

4) Should you be “swept” by Terri (meaning she has more kilometres logged by the end of day), please discontinue logging kilometres.

5) Should you choose to have a head start (1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days) Terri will begin accumulating kilometres in your event the day after your head start. For example, in the 5 day head start event, Terri’s kilometres will begin on the 6th day.

6) It is your responsibility to log your kilometres, should you forget to log them, and Terri passes you, you are still out. You may not log them retroactively.

7) The honour system is in effect. No need to submit Strava data, watch pictures, etc.

8) Only intentional kilometres count. For example, going for a run, walking your dog, etc. Walking around the grocery store, cutting your grass, etc., do not count. If you have to ask if it counts, it probably doesn’t. You may include kilometres from other events.

9) Please adhere to all local guidelines in terms of COVID protocols.

10) Be safe, and have fun!


Result entry: Once the event begins on July 1st, you will be able to log your miles, using your entry confirmation number, and your last name.



Um, you’re getting to compete with an incredible runner AND you’re supporting two amazing charities. That’s not good enough for you?

OK, seriously, there are no awards, however, there will be some prize draws throughout the month of July to help keep things fun! Thanks to our friends at Rally Beer Company for providing prizes!


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