Plantables Fundraising

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Grows healthy, hardy and happy fruit and vegetable plants while giving back with Plantables!

Visit and enter the code FORTHEKIDS and 10% of your purchase will go to Children’s Health Foundation.

Who are Plantables? Plantables is an exciting new startup based in Forest, Ontario that grows healthy, hardy and happy fruit and vegetable plants and ships them to arrive at your door exactly when they need to go into the ground. That means that no matter how busy you are, how unsuccessful you’ve been at growing plants before or how many little hands want to help out, you’ll be able to grow brag-worthy fruits and veggies in no time.

All you have to do is pick what plants you want to grow, choose when you want them delivered and wait for your box of garden-ready plants to arrive on your doorstep. Easier than getting a pizza delivered!

Order now to arrive later: the Plantables website allows you to order your plants to arrive exactly when you need them. That means that you can order boxes of plants as presents for your loved ones and they will be delivered to their door just as planting season starts.

Gift cards: If you’ve got a green-thumbed friend but don’t know what to get for them, a Plantables gift card lets them choose their own plants and when they arrive!

Indoor plants: Lots of Plantables’ plants -- especially the chillis, herbs and Tea Kit -- are perfect for growing indoors, regardless of how cold it gets outside, making them perfect Christmas gifts for tea-drinkers, chill-lovers or home cooks.

Click here to visit and don't forget to use the code FORTHEKIDS

Start Time
12:00 AM
Sunday, March 05, 2023
Finish Time
12:00 AM
Thursday, August 31, 2023
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