Preemie Photos by Little Lulu Photography

This event has expired

Contact: Courtney Thwaites

Location:  Little Lulu Photography, London ON



It’s time for another round of preemie photos!*** PLEASE BOOK BY Facebook Private Message OR EMAIL ONLY ***

Event Date Sunday August 30th 2 pm to 4 pm and Saturday September 5th 2 pm to 4 pm

Little Lulu Photography does these preemie photos as a fundraiser for the NICU at Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre.
These photos are a great keepsake, and helps other parents in the NICU see that their littles are fighting a tough battle, but things turn out in the end ♥
**IF these times do not work for you, please message me and choose a day BEFORE these dates. The photos are quick, so I will be booking 2 – 3 people at the same time (depending on number of children and ages)

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