Quarter Auction for Children’s Health Foundation

This event has expired

All proceeds go to the Children’s Health Foundation.

How to Play
There will be 16 vendors all posting items in certain albums, if you click through each album you will see what is up for winning.


If you want a chance to win the prize, specifically comment your paddle number( make sure your number has been confirmed with Megan Adriaensen Vowels) on the specific picture.

On Wednesday bidding will be closed, I will tally up all amounts owed, message each person with total, and collect via etransfer.

Paddles go on sale October 30 including golden paddle.
Items go up for bid November 1, golden paddle draw also to be done on this date.
Bidding runs November 1-4
Live draw on November 6th at 6pm

Contact Tracey Adriaensen:  traceyadriaensen62@hotmail.com

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