Financial Accountability

Why your donations are important

Donations to Children’s Health Foundation provide exceptional support and care to children and families from across Southwestern Ontario and parts of Northern Ontario, who rely on the Children's Family.

How your donations contributed to paediatric health care:

In 2017-2018, Children’s revenue, including donations received and investment income, was $8.9 million.

2017-2018 Revenue by Source

$3.4 million enabled kids to heal faster with the support of specialized paediatric care and programs that directly benefit children, youth and their families at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre.

$1 million was granted to support rehabiliation services and programs at Thames Valley Children's Centre.

$2.1 million to leverage existing government and institutional support of paediatric research conducted by scientists and fellows at Children’s Health Research Institute. Research programs cover a broad spectrum of children’s health.

How your dollars supported excellence in children's health care this year:

Thanks to the generosity of donors, these investments in children’s health are helping children today, and will continue to save and improve their lives in the future.

View the entire 2017-2018 Community Report

Fighting for Ordinary - 2017/2018 Community Report

As an Imagine Canada Accredited Organization, Children’s Health Foundation is committed to being financially accountable to our donors and following a set of standards for managing and reporting our financial affairs responsibly.

Audited Financial Statements

2017-2018 Audited financial statements

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Children's Health Foundation Revenue Canada T3010 report

Children's Health Foundation Investment Policy Statement

For more information please contact: David Ramsdale, Director of Finance and Information Systems.